Interim Executive Director |            Alexis London

Alexis comes to Bayview with over 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit field. With a background in community programming, participatory artmarking and social services, she is committed to designing and implementing programs that are meaningful and relevant to Bayview residents of all ages and backgrounds.

Office Manager | Inhkhiene Baccam

Inhkhiene Baccam has been at Bayview since 1988. She holds a degree in accounting from a university in Laos, and studied English and computer programming at MATC. She was a Bayview resident for 9 years.

Office Receptionist | Dawn Shegonee

Dawn Shegonee has been at Bayview since 1991. Shegonee cofounded Call for Peace Drum & Dance Company located at Bayview since 1991. Please visit for more information. She also worked as Bayview’s Arts and Education Coordinator from 1991-1992.

Maintenance | Xai Wa Yang

Xai Wa Yang, has worked at Bayview since 1990. He was a Bayview resident and pursued ESL studies at MATC. He is now a proud homeowner and enjoys working with the culturally diverse community at Bayview.

Maintenance  | Doug Galles

Doug started at Bayview in 2014 after eight years as the Maintenance Coordinator for Head Start. When he’s not busy attending to Bayview resident needs and improving the quality of housing at Bayview, Doug enjoys snowmobiling, boating and spending time with his grandchildren.

Youth Programs Coordinator |           Lisa King

Lisa King is a world traveler with experience working in Madison neighborhood centers. She has a bachelors degree in English with a minor in Environmental Studies.

Outreach Coordinator | Nkaoxue Vang

Nkaoxue (Xue) Vang is currently pursuing a degree in Organizational and Behavioral Leadership. She has been with Bayview since 2012 in various roles. On her free time she enjoys rooting for the Green Bay Packers, cooking, and spending time with her amazing family. 

Administrative Assistance and
Front Desk Staff

Maria Gonzalez
Daycy Briceno
Lilly Lukindo 

Foundation Board


PRESIDENT/CHAIR: Mary Berryman Agard
TREASURER: Scott Thornton
CO-SECRETARY: Assista Diarra


Chuck Erickson
Ald Sara Eskrich
Pa Soua Xiong
Kenneth Axe

Madison Police Officers:

Kimberly Alan