Bayview Townhouse Housing

Denver Bronco cornerback Tyrone Braxton lived on the corner of Regent Street and West Washington Avenue as a youth in Madison’s Bayview Townhouses. A Madison Times article quoted some of his reflections on growing up: “…You can be whatever you strive to be. You must, however, work hard, and do the right things… Kids can grow up to be doctors and lawyers if they stay focused and always hold on to their dreams…” He goes on to say that he dreams of coaching kids and starting a foundation that would give scholarships and opportunities to needy children. Inspiring words from a real role model.

Bayview families and the Bayview Foundation maintain a team focus so that kids like Tyrone will share their dreams with us all. We tend Bayview Townhouses and Bayview Community Center with care so that the dreams that take root here will flourish in service to the community.

Their vision is the future, theirs and ours.

Families wait an average of 3 years to live at Bayview — this is the longest waiting list maintained by any Dane County low-income housing project. The annual turnover average is 45 people per 12 units. Pleasecontact us if you have any questions.

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