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Bayview Foundation was established in 1966. The Foundation built Bayview Townhomes, subsidized housing for low income residents, located within the heart of Madison's historic Greenbush Neighborhood, in 1971. In 1985, The Bayview International Center for Education and the Arts, the housing development's centrally located community center, was constructed with the purpose of offering high quality and free supportive services for Bayview's residents.


1966 - Fifteen Madisonians came together to create Bayview Foundation, Inc. in order to develop 102 units of affordable housing on the Triangle

1971 - Construction of Bayview Townhouses is complete

1976 - Foundation awards first mini-grant of $400 to support neighborhood activities

1981 - Foundation expands property management staff responsibilities to include coordination of neighborhood activities

1985 - Construction of Bayview's community center is complete and the organization hosts the first Triangle Ethnic Fest

1988 - Bayview organizes first public art project

1989 - First neighborhood playground is complete

1990 - Bayview Triangle Mural Project is commissioned to honor local history of the Greenbush Neighborhood

1991 - Bayview becomes a member organization of Community Shares of Wisconsin and Call for Peace Drum & Dance Company hosts its first drum and dance circle at Bayview

1996 - Community Center becomes Bayview International Center for Education and the Arts with the completion of the second floor expansion

2002 - Artist, Harry Whitehorse, dedicates his sculpture, "One Child Spinning Through Mother Sky" at the 18th Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2003 - Artist in residence, Nancy Giffey presents "Bayview Magic Carpet Mural" at the 19th Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2004 - Bayview celebrates 20th anniversary of the Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2009 - Bayview celebrates 25th anniversary of the Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2014 - Bayview hosts the 30th and final Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2016 - Bayview's board of directors strengthens the organization's financial and housing operations and prepares for a major renovation of the townhouses and community center

2017 - Bayview completes several major placemaking initiatives, including the- construction of a new neighborhood playground, the creation of a pocket park - and gathering space near the east entry to the community center, and the installation of "La Mariposa de la Vida" (The Butterfly of Life), a 19 foot mosaic mural designed and constructed by Bayview residents under the guidance of artist Marcia Yapp