Community Center

Bayview International Center for Education and Arts, informally known as Bayview, is reflective of its focus. Promoting itself as “a place where families can grow,” the Center is one of several organizations under the umbrella of the Bayview Foundation. Its uniqueness stems from its focus on developing the family through cultural pride, education and arts appreciation. Whether it’s the publication of refugee experiences in its newsletter, the showcasing of cultures in its annual Triangle Ethnic Fest or the Call for Peace Dance Company, the influence of the Center is multi-layered.

A second aspect of its uniqueness is the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic composition of the families who participate in the Center’s activities. These families have roots in the Hmong culture along with the cultures of Laos, Mexico, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Colombia, China, many countries in Africa as well as African Americans and Native Americans. About 20 languages are spoken in and around Bayview.

In 1996, a second story was added to the Center providing more office and meeting space and just as important – a large practice room especially designed for dance. The space has enabled Bayview to host a number of small conferences and workshops as well as provide practice space for a wide variety of ethnic dance groups. Most recently, the Center has installed computers in a room for adults and another for children.

Bayview Community Center gives Bayview Foundation a base, Bayview Townhouse families a sense of place and Madison a cultural resource center. It is known for its colorful art, creative climate and people’s success stories.

Today, the Center serves a growing number of citizens from beyond Bayview. The Center provides program, meeting and office space for various community organizations.

If you are interested in touring the Center, please contact us to arrange a visit!