The Foundation

Bayview Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that owns and operates Bayview Townhouses and Bayview International Center for Education and the Arts.

Fifteen Madisonians created Bayview Foundation in 1966 to build Bayview Townhouses. The 102 units of l ow-income family housing were completed in 1971. The founders gave Bayview a legacy of citizen initiative and local collaboration.

Bayview is home to a steady average of 400 people, 200 of them children. Early families were attracted to its affordable rental housing situated near education and job opportunities on the isthmus. They organized the neighborhood’s first youth and parent involvement activities.

The Foundation constructed Bayview Community Center in 1985 to house its townhouse management staff and the community service programs emerging from the growing partnership between Bayview Foundation, neighborhood residents and the Dane County community. The center was designed as a model of solar energy potential and energy efficiency. The Community Center is a neighborhood-based hub for Foundation services, enrichment programs and resident entrepreneurship.

Mission Statement

The Bayview Foundation supports its culturally diverse, low-income families in realizing their aspirations by providing affordable housing, fostering cultural pride, and building community through the arts, education, and recreation.

Additionally, the Foundation provides Bayview residents interested in pursuing higher education with scholarships. Monies are generated as a result of sound financial management of Bayview assets.

Bayview offers consultation to community organizations seeking advice about:

  • community festivals
  • cultural arts projects
  • management
  • neighborhood and housing development
  • cultural diversity


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